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Sierra's Treasures

One Of A Kind Figurative Sculptures


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Inspirational Fairy Stones ©

by Sierra's Treasures

Inspirational Fairy Stones © cast away worries and 

concerns from our day to day life. Let the fairies help 

you! These small oval shaped fairy Inspirational 

stones are smooth and are ideal to carry in your bag 

or pocket. Place the stone in the palm of your hand

when you are troubled or worried, or when you just 

need some peace of mind. The stones also make a 

perfect fairy gift for a dear friend in need, or someone you love.

Each Inspirational Fairy Stones © was made from 

hand-rolled polymer clay. Once cured and hardened, each stone was then 

tinted with special dies. An inspirational word has been sculptured onto each 

stone and then hand painted with metallic gold. The stones are then glossed 

to perfection and sprinkled with fairy dust.

10 (TEN) Inspirational Fairy Stones © are then placed in a sheer organza 

bag that is tied at the top with a satin drawstring. A special card from the artist has been

 included with quotations for successful living. The Inspirational Fairy Stones ©, 

sheer organza bag and card from the artist will arrive in it's very own gift box. 

They are an ideal inspirational gift for someone who 

may be going through a tough time – like sickness, loss of job, or loss of a loved 

one. And – they are a perfect way to encourage someone who is embarking on a 

new phase in life. The possibilities are endless, as each of us is unique in our place 

in the journey of life.

Since each stone was created by hand, these stones 

qualify to be called "One Of A Kind" Inspirational 

Fairy Stones © which will never again be duplicated in the same unique look.

How to use your Inspirational Fairy Stones ©

As you hold the Inspirational 

Fairy Stone in your hand, close 

your eyes and imagine a calm 

fairy presence surrounding you. 

 Bring to mind any worries you 

might have and share your secret 

dreams and hopes with the fairies. 

The fairies will surround you with 

unconditional love, comfort, gentle 

strength, courage, and guidance.

$15.95 plus 5.25 shipping

To place an order for your Inspirational Fairy Stones 

please email me at [email protected] 

with Fairy Stones in the subject line.

Include all words that you would like have written on 

each stone

Copyright Policy: Inspirational Fairy Stones © and products are Copyright 

protected by Sierra's Treasures.

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